Stake Rewards Overview for your Tax Report

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In many countries the income from staking has to be taxed. In this post I will show you how to create a simple and quick overview of your staking rewards with and Excel.


  1. Get your wallet data
  2. Import your .csv to Excel
  3. Reduce to what you need
  4. Make the data useable
  5. Provide clarity to the overview

Get your wallet data

Visit and select the function ‘EXPORT REWARDS DATA FOR TAXES’.
Insert your wallet address click on the magnifier and follow the blue right arrow button.

Scroll down to the bottom to ‘Export Tool’.
Choose ‘Generic(CSV)’ as format.
Select your national currency and time period.
Download your data.

Import your .csv to Excel

Create a new workbook in Excel.
Import your .csv with ‘Data’ -> ‘From Text/CSV’


Use ‘comma’ as delimiter and ‘Do not detect data types’ as data type detection.
Click on ‘Transform Data’.


Reduce to what you need

Remove columns you don’t need.
Mark them -> Right-click -> remove columns

Make the data useable

To get usable decimal numbers mark the columns stake, stake_rewards, rate and stake_rewards_value.
Click on ‘Transform’ -> ‘Parse’ -> JSON

Click on ‘Close & Load’

Provide clarity to the overview

Through the transformation we have lost some column names.
Column 3: stake
Column 6: total rewards
Column 8: rate
Column 11: value

Use appropriate formats for your values. Mark the column -> right-click -> Format Cells
My recommendation:
‘stake’ + ‘total rewards’: one decimal place
‘rate’: national currency with 3-4 decimal places
‘value’: national currency with 2 decimal places


To complete the overview you can insert an AutoSum function for the ‘value’ and ‘total rewards’ column.


Note makes no warranty for the accuracy of the exported data.
Check your data for plausibility.
All data used here is from a randomly selected wallet.


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