Stakepool is listed as "Missing" on adapools (Daedelus View)

Thanks for the response! I did get automatic response that they received it, got a ticket number, etc… I convinced one friend to stake to it via Yoroi, but I would rather Daedalus/SMASH work correctly! lol

reply to that mail then, just to ping them. I can understand that it is frustrating…

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Finally figured it out. The issue was with the webhosting service I’m using. It was not properly tagging my json file as utf-8, even though it is. I moved it to git and it’s all working great. The file names below are different, but the data is the same. Crazy!



Wow - great findings! Thanks for sharing this info! good that you could figure it out on your own…

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This is an old post but I haven’t seen any other discussion of this detail. In apache you can fix this by adding to .htacces the following line:
AddType ‘application/json; charset=UTF-8’ .json

However I’m not sure yet if it solved my SMASH problem or not.