Deadalus not showing my pool info

I have tried everything and my pool still isn’t showing up in Deadalus wallet. SETL
It does show in Adapools with all the info, and in Deadalus Live View as “Missing.” My meta hash is matching and the metadata json file and what is in github GIST matches exactly. I just don’t know why Deadalus isn’t picking up my pool but adapools does. This is really frustrating me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hey @Adayes!

Could you perhaps try to re-register your staking pool using a shorter description (less than 100 characters)?

If that does not work I would open a ticket;

Hope it will all be solved soon! :slight_smile:

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I have exactly the same problem. I recently updated my meta file to update the description. Everything went well with the update and it’s properly reflected in services such as etc.

My pool [MAG] description is less than 100 characters ( and whatever I do, Daedalus just doesn’t see it.

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Keep us updated; it seems there are many pools in this situation (check> daedalus view)…

Okay so with the help of some kind gent called Carlos at IOHK I got to the bottom of my problem. Dropping it here as it might help others who have a similar problem:

Unlike the rest of the world, Daedelus uses SMASH server for pool info and verifies that the pool meta file matches the hash that is submitted in the pool registration certificate.

Using the following command, I was able to see that SMASH calculated the hash of the meta but that didn’t match the hash stated in the registration certificate. A silly error on my part but absolutely invisible without the following command (obviously swap out my pool ID for your own):


From now on I’ll be updating my workflow to check SMASH for errors each time I change my pool meta and I’d recommend you do the same.

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Incidentally, you can also check that SMASH can see your meta with the following:

curl -X GET[your-pool-id-hash]/[your-pool-meta-data-hash]

If there’s a match, it will echo back the contents of your meta file. If you get nothing back, SMASH doesn’t know you.


This is very helpful if one runs into the same problems in the future. Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:


@Adayes, using this same approach shows that the issue with your pool is the meta data file can’t be found:

[{"time":"02.12.2020. 13:09:40","retryCount":12,"poolHash":"2a0cffab29db998345e3cdf64314b000ed58f1396afe721eab3ad47b5b93cb2b","cause":"HTTP Response from poolId 5eb73b5dd2296fb7e2cb3a6c93d067aff250968c5763f3faac4ccb5f' when fetching metadata from '' resulted in : 404","poolId":"5eb73b5dd2296fb7e2cb3a6c93d067aff250968c5763f3faac4ccb5f","utcTime":"1606914580.089442s"}]

This is a 404 error for the pool meta file that you have listed in your pool registration certificate:

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Hey, glad it worked out for you and thanks for providing me that link. But I think the problem is with Daedalus because I checked multiple times before I submitted my pool certificate that I have the correct. It is which if you go to it will show my pool info which also has been successfully picked up by
The url you mentioned above ( is old and for some reason that is the one Daedalus is calling onto. Not sure why. That url was under private repository which is why it was showing the 404 message. When I figured that out I hosted my json on public repo. It worked for adapools and but not daedalus.