Staking issues

Hola, newbee here. Staked ada to plush pool 1.5 days ago ( confirmed on yoroi wallet 12+ times I logged in up until e287 finished) but now it says its in unknown pool but looks like same address.
Tried to redelegate to another pool but hasnt gone through in over an hour.
Something up with plush or do I need to chill for a bit (plush delegate button also greyed out- only one like that I saw on staking page).

it’s fine, stay with plush even you are seeing unknown… check your address on and you will see that the wallet is delegated

PS: if you delegated to another pool after the epoch change you must wait till next epoch… but if u choose plush go back to delegation center and stay with plush :wink:

Thx for the info. Appreciate it.

that’s a Yoroi bug, don’t worry

Gotcha- appreciate it!