Unknown Stake Pool? Yoroi Mobile app

Hey there! First time delegator here. I receiveD my cardano into my Yoroi wallet On my iPhone 11 app and then delegated into Conge stake pool a couple days ago.

My dashboard says my ADA is delegated but it also reads stake pool “unknown”. I am currently not using a ledger. I just want to be sure my funds have been delegated correctly. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!


I can’t see your delegation for Conge, can you go again to stacking center and search again for conge… and after delegate?


PS: if it’s saying already delegated, try to delegate to other pool and after that search again for conge and delegate

I saw you delegated to KOPI, as soon you will can, delegate back to CONGE and check if after is ok in dashboard


Yes, I’m thinking I might just stay with kopi. Anything you see why I should go back to conge?

Thanks again for your help.


Nope all pools are good; If you want my opinien you can stake with my pool :))
Remember that a big pool will not give u more returns… at the end (speaking on long term) the total reward will be ~5%.
All pools are good… big pools will provide you small return each epoch; small pools will provide u a big return once/few epochs… this is how this protocol works!


Hi there, I’m fairly new to everything. I’ve attempted to join your CONGE pool but the name is actually showing up as “Unkown” for me as well… Is this normal? I do plan to stick with your pool to start, but I want to make sure everything is set up correctly.


You can check here if your delegation is visible
https://pool.pm and search about conge ticker

If u see u there (your amount of ADA) meaning u are fine… perhaps a sync issue with yoroi…

If u look to change the pool u can support me CHRTY


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Everything looks perfect! Thank you.