Staking pool without name and properties

Hello all,
I built my first stake pool in testnet network. ( please be patient with me!! )
I don’t know why but I found the pool without properties like name,address.

The pool ID is f089a51b7087f895624a0f50beb8747c31977c0241ca298becd59f1c74992e76

During the “cardano-cli stake-pool registration-certificate” command I used the arguments:

–pool-margin 0.2 ( I wanted to say 2% not 20% !! )
–metadata-url cardano/poolMetaData.json at main · alessiodini/cardano · GitHub

I have few questions:

  1. 2% should be 0.02 right?
  2. I think the metadata-url I used is wrong, should I use a short link to ? Will this work?
  3. Can I update those parameters? Do I need to pay again the registration of the pool?
  4. Why I can’t see my pool from Daedalus Testnet?

Sorry for the stupid questions, this is my first time studying cardano :blush:
Thank you all for your time

Alessio Dini