Staking pools update - IOHK latest Shelley update

Staking pool update - for those who don’t want to watch the whole video of the latest Shelley news, there is a section related to staking pools in this update. (First portion is all about wallet updates).

Video below jumps you right to the staking pool section (9:03m), and some commentary as well at our site:…/05/staking-pool-update-from-iohk/


Cool, thanks.

I get how the delegation will work, but I’m not sure how reward distribution will work.

Will the pool operator need to divvy up the reward between the stakers?

Because that would get very complicated.

Or will that be automated somehow within the full node?

Stupid Q,

Do we need fancy computer specs to do this kind mining/staking?


Any computer with Daedalus installed on it will suffice in theory.

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I don’t have to buy $1000 Graphic Card then,


I can only offer my opinion - but I am 99.9% sure the reward distribution will be auto-handled by the node. The reason I say this is to have the pool operator handling that means 99 different pools (or however many) have to all go and write their own code to do exactly the same thing and that would be incredibly inefficient, not to mention the risk of bugs creating reward distribution problems which would negatively impact the reputation of staking in general.

Also, from what I felt was implied in the interview was that the operator can adjust things like the fees/reward distribution from within the software itself (in terms of % I mean).

So it sounds like you’ll have a control panel of settinngs for the pool, and most of the detailed work would be handled by the node code to ensure accurate and secure distribution for all.

We’ll see once it’s ready but the above is my opinion :slight_smile:


Correct, no mining here :slight_smile:

1 Like I just registered the domain, anyone interested in helping running the pool ?

Have you seen anything on how many coins you need for a node?