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Hello all,
I have been playing with this idea for a while unfortunately I have no idea where to start.
Its similar to livepeer where people can watch streams, however this one is focussed on nature. Zoo’s, nature (p)reserves, channels (About the fish doorbell - visdeurbel like this) and other places where you can spot animals. The streams are constantly being streamed by the owner or property manager. People who watch the stream should be able to press a button whenever they see an animal and start recording. The recording can then be stored and be watched by other users, earning rewards for the original streamer and the person who made the recording.

I have some additional thoughts but I think this should atleast make the concept clear.

Now the real problem starts, i have no coding experience but I do want to learn. I would love to learn how to develop on cardano or at the very least be able to make easy smart contracts. What basis should I know when learning how to interact with the cardano chain?
I hope people are willing to give me some advice or maybe help out developing this idea further.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I hope you will have a great day!


Welcome and check the new developers portal
U will find all informations u need

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I like the idea and have been working on something similar. I wasn’t approaching the live streaming part but I believe much of the work is the same.

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Here is your first step to achieve your goal: custom RTMP

There are many resources that you can read about it online.


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If you are new to coding this kind of project could be overwhelming as there as so many things to learn besides programming itself which is already a tall order. If you have a few years to dedicate to this and enjoy it along the way once you jump in then it can be very rewarding and lead to many new opportunities and projects.

Here are some potential areas to research that could be useful for your project

  • Domain registration, cloud hosting, and web services
    • Useful for deploying your project in a globally scalable way
    • e.g. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Source control, product management, and development tools
    • Useful for planning and saving progress and making it easier
    • e.g. GitHub
  • Existing live streaming services, plugins, libraries, and protocols
    • Useful for getting a head start by using available technology
    • e.g. LiveControl, Camera SDKs, RTMP, HLS, etc
  • Cross platform app frameworks and/or web app frameworks
    • Useful for reaching more users on devices and/or browsers
    • Makes UI programming much easier
    • e.g. Flutter
  • Web protocols and standards
    • Useful for using and creating web-based API
    • e.g. REST
  • Databases and persistent storage options
    • Useful for storing and accessing all sorts of data
    • e.g. SQL
  • Blockchain smart contracts and transaction negotiation
    • Useful for creating secure decentralized financial transactions
    • e.g. Plutus
  • Camera hardware, remote camera control, and sensor integration
    • Useful to know for a custom solution on edge devices
    • e.g. IP Cameras with built-in RTMP encoders

Thank you for all the tips all! this gives me a good basis to start my research and formulate a goal!
@QuasarChains I’m very interested in hearing more about your idea, is there anywhere I can read more about it? If not are you interested in sharing and maybe brainstorm about the ideas?


There’s a good chance that you will see it in Fund 6 of Project Catalyst.
Please join our discord if you haven’t.

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