Sundaeswap ISO via Daedalus where will the tokens appear?

Hi I have delegated my ADA via daedalus to one of the SundaeSwap Scooper pools today.

Where will the SundaeSwap Tokens appear?

I found this here SundaeSwap ISO: Easy Complete Guide to Getting Sundae Tokens from the #1 Cardano DEX

I will have to interact with a smart contract to release my tokens to my wallet.

What does this mean? How should I interact with it?

The text totally sounds like they don’t know themselves, now, and will update, when they know.

They even link to a different project as an example of how something like that is done in principle (which they most likely wouldn’t do if there were detailed instructions for their project).

With that other project, you just have to send 2 ADA to an address to get back the tokens and 1.5 ADA immediately afterwards. So that would be totally possible with Daedalus.

(Since, there are not many wallet apps that can be connected with dApps, up to now, I would not expect large projects to go for that for the next couple of weeks/months. They will all implement a “Send some ADA and you will get this and that back at the same address.” process that can be done with any wallet app.)


To use SundaeSwap later on, you will need one of the (very few) dApp-enabled wallet apps: