Sundea swap fixes


Many people disapointed because sandeaswap not worked well, when it will start working correctly?


Step by step… be patience


Not working well and not working correctly are 2 different things. AFAIK SundaeSwap works correctly, they are just overwhelmed by sheer amount of trades.

They even expected what happened and put out a warning. Even, before you submit a trade it gives you a warning that their queues are congested and transactions will take some more time.

Now - how to overcome the situation? First - as usual - the number of trades will go down. Next SundaeSwap will increase the number of trade processors (actually they already did - and I assume that they will increase even more so). Then - tomorrow a parameter change will become effective to allow for more SundaeSwap contracts in a block. This is all that can/will happen this week.

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Now it sound like half empty half full glass. I hope it will start working without any complains

Patience requires perspective.

The average development time of a web-enabled application from scratch is about 6 months for a team of programmers, artists, etc. This is for your basic website like this forum which has front-end and back-end components and is based on something that is not that complex overall. Average development time for a video game, blockchain, or complex application from scratch is 3 years for a dedicated team. You can speed this up by throwing more resources at it but the larger the team the more overhead you have in managing the project.

Sundaeswap has done all of the above in about 2 years now. They probably have at least another year to go before anyone can call it “done” so the fact that it is working at all on mainnet already is pretty impressive all things considered.

one more year it alot,if nore more features, only support and fixing bugs. I hope the congestion must be solved in 1-2 months, that is the main reason why many people don’e like sundea and cardano at the moment