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Hello from Russia. my opinion about HELL as the title role in the fate of the Ada should play the holders, duck can we do to help Ada to reach a new level. for an example I will sound such thought: all of us long-term holders of a hell and therefore I suggest to choose one day for the General purchase of coins, we will assume it will be day of an exit of some important news on a hell(or what that updating) and at this moment to all to go on a binance and why binans because they have the most coins and thus create a serious demand for the coin, the rest of the market players will think that this jump is caused by the news of hell and will also start buying coins and therefore the rate will go up.

Are you seriously trying to organise a Pump-and-Dump movement here?

Note for readers: “HELL” is auto-translated “ADA” from English-2-Russian translit back to English )


I’ll pass, thanks.

This can never work - it will do zero for the price other than very short term and only benefiting those on the other side of the pump selling into it - it is just your limited understanding of the market. There is no way to trick the market and anything artificially kept up will with no exception always correct itself eventually.

I think this is the wrong crowd for this ‘idea’. It’s only purpose is money motivation.

It’s okay to want money, just this is the wrong way to do it. It should and will go up when it’s doing something valuable and is therefore valued by the market.

My 2cents.


Seriously, that’s what it sounds like to me!

Sounds like you’re saying Support = buy more. That’s a horrible idea and thought to convey.

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