Survey: Would you like to see another Treasure Hunt like the one TCE did with "Snow Crash"?

Looks like the TCE Episode 39 Treasure Hunt went quite well and people had a lot of fun. The links and discussion leading to the multi-puzzle solution can be found here. If enough people show enough interest, I can try to find sponsors and donors to run another puzzle.

Link: 10,000 Ada Treasure Hunt started with Episode 39, sponsored by TCE

Some improvements may be… make the individual puzzle pieces more difficult, use a Cardano theme, make the treasure hunt/puzzle launch more obvious, form teams prior to puzzle launch, larger/lower Ada prize, suggest other types of prizes, free sponsored ticket to xyz, etc…

The key question for this survey is “Would you like to see another Treasure Hunt?”

  • Yes
  • No
  • Undecided

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Please feel free to leave suggestions to improve the Treasure Hunt on this thread.


I will freely admit that these sort of puzles are well beyond my capabilities of puzzle solving… That said, I believe this sort of thing helps to promote and gain access to a wider audience pool.
So, to use David Esser’s words from an earlier TCE episode… “YES!, more please.”

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