Systems Engineering and Architecture Study Group Anyone?

As I learn more in the crypto space, I’m finding a need to dig deeper into many topics that probably don’t have a long history of research or practical developments. We often find that a few were there way before any of us.

I’d like to experiment with a study group of sorts. Maybe we read and discus different papers, or have some kind of distributed seminar on different topics. I’m realizing just how much new work will need to be done to apply what is already known and started, and that there is much much more that has barely been touched.

I’m no expert in the space myself, but I probably already know too much to benefit much from the available courses, free or otherwise. I’m sure many of you are in the same place, trying to learn many new things that are needed to think deeply about the systems and architectures we will be building.

I started looking for DLT systems models because I realized that for applications, interacting with one or more states of the DLT is much more central than chains and consensus. The system is relying on the transactional components of the system to do that job. For the app, it is 1) make sure I’m current with the DLT (or weaker contains transaction X), 2) Access data in or linked to the DLT which is locked/validated by condition 1. 3). Do things: views with UX controls to trigger transactions.

I know some of the tools used in the formalizations and proofs in Cardano are related to MBSE tools, but I really think we can get more from new tools more specialized to the domain. I’m certain that the frameworks and standards of MBSE can be applied productively in this space, but my experience of open source development tells me we will use them in very different ways.

Any “umple” fans out there? It connects incompletely with the commercial tools, and you can’t really translate between the OS Umple world and even the Eclipse based UML tools for the more commercial standards. If these are solved issues, I’d like to know.

Anyone else interested? Please suggest topics that you might want to dig into.