The best work is Team Work

Hi Everyone,

I was reviewing the Global Paratnerships challenge and was prompted to create a document in hopes that there is a way to coordinate across teams, build new ones, offer assistance to new members, and really maximize meaningful output.

This document was inspired by that Challenge and I believe it provides a framework for the community to look at the other Challenges and build meaningful relationships and better experiences with a higher quality of proposals.

If you are looking to submit a proposal, or if you would like to join a team, please reach out to someone and let’s see what happens.

If people are unwilling to collaborate or do not want partners, then that is valuable data as well.

Thank you all and have a great Campaign!

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This noble idea deserves a Quasar! Are quasar tokens yet available? :slight_smile:
Awesome thinking! Keep building outside of the paradigm, and take care of you and your soundings as life is just one!


Juan, The One

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