The Cardano Community Enabler Initiative


Who or what is the CCE initiative?

It is an initiative within the Cardano Ecosystem that is open to anyone who wishes to use their skills, expertise, experience and resources to

  • encourage and enable the members of the Cardano Community to make their own contribution.
  • to provide passive members with convenient access to required resources, e.g. to inform themselves about the project.
  • to help create an efficient, powerful community to help the entire Cardano project become optimally competitive.

What is it not?

  • It is an initiative, but not a group in which someone can be accepted or excluded.
    Irrespective of this, people can of course form a “group” because, for example, you have the right chemistry. These decisions and the responsibility for them do NOT belong to the initiators of the CCE initiative.

Further thoughts

  • In theory, the goals of the CCE initiative should be the same as those of the Cardano Foundation and not contradictory. How this develops, however, depends to a large extent on the development of the Cardano Foundation itself, but there will probably always be things where the CCE initiative can help strengthen the Cardano Foundation’s efforts.
  • Perhaps the CCE initiative only has to be something temporary, until certain parts in the ecosystem have matured more but also until enough initiative has emerged from the community.

Concrete actions

What YOU can do for Cardano
As a first contribution, here is a list of ideas on how each community member can make their own contribution to the success of the Cardano project. There should be something feasible for everyone. A positive side effect of keeping yourself busy with something meaningful (and you are probably invested in) is that the time to the end of the current market cycle passes by faster, and you’re not just focussed on the price. On the other hand, one day when Cardano’s success becomes more and more visible, it will be a much better feeling when you know that you yourself have contributed something to it.
Check out the list


Love the “what YOU can do”-list. :ok_hand:


Glad, you like it! I think, I should do a dedicated thread/topic here for that list.