The Cardano Foundation supports participation and growth of the community

As a key step to bring on-chain governance to the Cardano blockchain, Project Catalyst – the current experiment in community voting – requires active and broad participation from the various groups in the community. For this reason, and hoping to encourage others to participate as well, the Cardano Foundation has become an active participant since Fund 7. We vote to both inspire and promote the community’s engagement.

The Cardano Foundation understands the importance of strengthening the community to become a sustainable, decentralized blockchain ecosystem. The market feedback on Catalyst Fund 8 gathered in an initiative conducted by the Ambassadors Guild was therefore taken into consideration on Challenge Setting priorities. Likewise, we paid attention to several community led discussions with developers, stake pool operators, general ada holders, and other Ambassadors. Weaving this information with the Foundation’s principles and North Star, we prioritized Challenges developing Cardano’s core infrastructure as well as those building bridges and aiming to do good at a global scale.

So, without further ado, here are the ten Challenges we have decided to vote on and some of the rationale for choosing them:

Fund 8 Voting: Fund 9 Challenge Setting

Voting will be closing soon, on 5th May at 11 a.m. UTC. The Cardano Foundation urges all registered ada holders to vote in the projects of their own choice.

For more information on the voting process and the proposals under Fund 8, please visit:
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