The future of Crypto once the QFS is introduced

I have been told that our financial system (QFS) would soon be changed dramatically. Apparently, it would be gold- and blockchain-based. The whole banking system would therefore be obsolete.
This causes me to hesitate to invest in Cryptos, as some sources say that cryptos might vanish entirely. Has anyone here more knowledge about such plans or do we all agree that this is fake news?

Sorry, I did not intend to confuse anyone. I positioned the term QFS at the wrong place in my sentence. Our existing financial system is said to be replaced by the Quantum Financial System (QFS).

I assumed it was fake. QFS: An alien technology more advanced than anything you have ever seen passed to a secret society that will upend everything we thought we knew and ensure all currency is backed by gold or property or both.
The one world currency is nigh!

@vinniebrasco you little…!!!

You got the thing!

Remember WEF motto guys: “no privacy no property”.

The debt-slavery system is comming to an end. The afore mentioned one is comming in waves already.

Let’s keep our journey through the rabbit hole!

Thanks to both of you. @jpsrrv: you seem to be from Portugal. I used to live there for more than 20 years. Loved it!
But here is my main question: “What will happen to crypto currencies?”
My assumption is that some of them might well survive, as they are in the process of creating a holistic blockchain landscape which is greater than just money.
It is just an assumption and I would like to read many more from people like you and more importantly from people like Charles Hoskinson et al.

You pose the wrong question! This is not a matter of coins but of value, and what is of value is the blockchain itself and what it allows!

Yeah Portugal is a good country to live indeed!

And in my personnal opinion it will become one of the european blockchain hubs!

Fintech and the likes will want to work here, due to the conditions of livelihood the country allows! Not to mention that I think we will be one of the lattest to implement certain rules and regulations to the crypto industry.

IMHO Portugal will shine in the next 5 to 10 years.

Hoskinson already played his role in this act. Now it’s time for us to stage the finale!

cheers! my pleasure!

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“What will happen to crypto currencies?”

I think it could be an alternative to money or just do what it’s supposed to do, to be “the” new money.

I don’t think anyone can say for sure how our future will look like, we can just take estimted guesses based on current states of affairs.

All I can say is that I think that the technology behind blockchain and quantum computing will fundamentaly change our modern civilization, and I really mean change to the core, not just one system. We are talking about digitizing all aspects of human life, which will ultimately force us to question human existance itself.

The current paradigm of the western world will shift, beacuse capitalism and democracy cannot go hand in hand, it’s just not compatible. There will come a point where we will either have to chose one or the other. And this will in turn drastically influence where we take the new technology from here.

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I am certain that we are exactly at this point in time. The coming months will show us which way its going.

Indeed, I would say this decade will be a decisive turning point, and whatever road we take blockchain will be there.