The mobile Yoroi wallet app won’t let me go to dashboard wants me to stake ADA?


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When I open my Yoroi wallet MOBILE APP, I can’t get to my dashboard. The page displayed says that I haven’t staked my ADA. Do I have to do this first? How do I get to my dashboard, does anyone know?

Nope, you should be able to see the dashboard even you didn’t delegated yet

You would probably want to use a hardware wallet, in case you have more ADA than you are happy to loose. This forum is full of sad stories from folks who lost their assets in one way or another - the attack vector on a mobile app is massive.

Now that you have your ADA on your Yoroi mobile wallet, you can start delegating and staking your ADA on the Yoroi mobile app. Open Yoroi and click on the DELEGATE menu option. The next screen will show you the wallet amount that is going to be delegated.