The N Word as it pertains to crypto currency aka "controlling chaos"

I’m all over the place here. Respect to everyone. My thoughts are as they are. nothing refined more or less. All comments welcome. I’m just trying to make sense of this whole thing. Thank you for your patience.

The N word. I don’t know the absolute complete history. But I come to understand it was used toward Africans who were kept as slaves in the U.S and toward African Americans post emancipation.

At a certain point Nigga was adopted by the African American community as a comedic expression.

The Human condition, making good out of a bad situation.

If this action isn’t a conscious action is it some kind of coping mechanism?

A guy get’s it from his boss day in and day out. Goes to a bar everyday before going home and he is cold to his wife when he gets home. She makes a past time of having a glass or two of wine herself.

It’s an energy exchange. Energy going through some kind of a filter from point a and by the time it reaches point b it’s altered or modified but there is some kind of consistency.

From my understanding bitcoin was created in response to the 2008 market crash. Are crypto currencies a cultural conundrum in the respect of the market crash of 2008 in terms of an energy exchange?

Like now your everyday person is this “micro trader”.

It’s almost like Gambling for Kids with all of the fun names and tokens.

Do hurt people hurt people?

With respect to Kim Kardashian. Why do I feel like I’m being sold bitcoin by Kim Kardashian?

I’m going through a surreal experience with the whole thing.

With the negative aura that bitcoin carries, Could we do without Bitcoin?

The whole idea it challenging the Dollar is for the birds.

Is bitcoin slowing everything else down?

I believe we need in the U.S a strong definition of our current Economic System.

Being sensitive to the word “Definition”.

3d, 4d, the 5th dimension.

What is our Economic system? If we have that well defined I believe we can see and explain exactly where crypto currencies work with society. Objectively the pressure isn’t necessarily on cryptocurrencies it’s on the current economic system.