The wallet on the new leptop show 0 ADA🧐

I installed the wallet on a new laptop Contacted the Trezor via suite and it shows 0 balance Also no transfers history, it’s still show the balance on the old PC…
ive wait for 40min…done it a few times already,

The wallet has the same number near wallet name on both PCs?
Also do u see the trezor word next to wallet name on both PCs?

Try to take a look inside trezor settings… it has the passphrase enabled? If yes deactivate and try to restore the wallet again (only if the wallets number is different)

1 no Different name,
2. I can see the word Trezor

Not the name, there is a number

Thank you for your help ,Problem sorted, I was using the wrong Trezor🙈

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