Thinking about Earthsim and if it could work on Cardano

Hello, I work on a project called Earthsim, a real time landscape simulator. We are working on a survival simulation game where your aim is to keep ecosystems alive through various challenges. As a side effect of playing, you learn multi generational land management skills (something I think is a lost art for most of us humans).

I’m personally passionate about what Cardano is doing and have followed the project since it started. But I recently started considering if Earthsim could be hooked up in some way to create a multi user version of the game. Long term team based land scape survival planning would be the multi user version. So its both a game and has potential to ground in real world projection and simulation longer term.

There are really quite a lot of challenges in doing this, but if feels like an exciting direction for me to explore, so I came on here wondering if anyone would be interested to brainstorm some future direction possibilities and help me flesh out a roadmap.

There is some info on what we have got upto in the past here:

Many thanks for any help


I’m sure Cardano would be a great platform for something like this. Check out project Catalyst, and see if you can find some technical help and funding there, or maybe contact Emurgo. Is this an open source project or a for profit game?

Thanks for the response. But I think this idea is too early for Catalyst.

Taking Earthsim to multiuser/Cardano involves flipping the project to open source and building a tokenomic model to power it along with many other things like envisioning how tools, users community and creators all interact in the ecosystem.

So the next step is to build a roadmap. For this I need at least one more person to join the team who is into the problem spaces we are playing in. Once we have a roadmap we all believe in, then the next stage would be Catalyst or other sources of support.


How can a community manage a planet ? Certain people have the skills to do this very well, and a game will highlight those with the talent as well as training others who want to explore these areas.

When planet management is framed as a multi user experience, what are the right collective decision making processes that achieve success ? This is what brought me to Cardano.

In Earthsim, success is defined as building and maintaining resilient ecosystems, these are ecosystems that are diverse enough to handle long term survival through varying conditions over time. Those who can build and maintain a rich diverse ecosystem on a planet for the longest are the winners.

In the multi user version of the game, communities that recognize and respect these skills by figuring out how to choose and manage who runs what and where on a planet they get to operate, will win.