This chart looks accurate. It might piss you off. We need to change this in 2019

One thing on this chart that is not accurate is that Cardano had Traxia and Sp8de, but Sp8de left Cardano for EOS. This graph might piss you off today, but lets see how it looks again in January 2020.

So if you have ideas for Cardano, check out the thread started by Adatainment and leave some ideas over there at… Simple smart contract / DApp ideas that you would like to see


It’s about quality, I’d say. All we need is a dozen of really well-executed, useful dApps.

Cardano is blessed not to have scam ICOs so far.


This comparison is important because it shows it’s been extremely profitable for EOS, AION, NEO, TRON and Ethereum to have sailed off in the wrong direction, with competing devs following the “assertive fool” . For a long time it has felt like we’ve been alone in the right direction, following a wise person focused on the horizon.

Cardano will deliver on sustainability, interoperability and scalability, and it will grow and retain it’s market share. We want to enable developers to fly non-stop, first class to Cardano, but first the components need to shine ie. Plutus for contracts in general, and Marlowe for financial. And underneath, IELE must be bulletproof. The comparative calculus for Cardano must be a no-brainer, and it appears today more than ever it will be.


Eth has problems Kripto Kitties killed it and there will be problems.
Eos is not a block chain and a fullblown scam.
Aion has potential.
Neo is a good crypto.
Tron ugh does not worry me.
Icon will do what it can it it survives.
Wanchain highly centralized.
Lisk good coin with a free classes.
Tezos a French coin, whatever.
Cardano The ONLY Previewed gen 3 crypto in the bunch setting up to assist the transfer when the problems arrive and they will. Our people are on several continents together building the future it will be the one coin to rule them all.