Top up stacking account?

Hi all,

I am new to Yoroi so decided to send a small amount of ADA to the Yoroi wallet and stack it before I did the same with a much larger balance. Everything was completed successfully so I transferred my ADA balanced to my Yoroi account. However, when I look to the delegate list, the pool I have already sent to is greyed out so I cannot select to send the rest to it. If I select an alternative it says I can only stack with one pool at a time.

DO I therefore have to remove what I have in the pool already and then send the entire balance once again to this pool? It seems a little clunky and long winded so thought I’d ask here in case there was an easier way.

Thanks in advance,


You delegate your entire wallet, so in the next snapshot it’ll use the updated balance of the wallet.

That makes sense, thank you. I perhaps need to refresh the wallet to see this.


Hi @waingro. Welcome aboard!

You may find it helpful to read the following: