hey there i just tranfer my ada(binance) to yoroi with with ledger nano s I see my coins on the wallet but the transaction assurance level is still go higher and higher Is this normal???
My display shows ada received 07.29.11 high and on the right site how many coins in a green color
but what about the assurance level it go higher I don t understand this
I had to pay a fee to binance to transaction ,But i did not pay a fee to yoroi to accept I dont think i have to pay fee to accept on yoroi only when i do a transaction from yoroi to a other adress i think eh
i m not sure everything is correct,can someone help me please to understand


Everything is fine there, nothing to worry about.

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The assurance level gets higher after a certain amount of confirmations by the network.

Thank you RobJF

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Thank you Josseh80