Transfer ADA Balance from Stake Pool to an external wallet

Hi @Alexd1985
Thanks for your responses … whenever I submit a transaction the Producer Node breaks with Socket Error and then restarts as a Relay Node, continued the procedure twice waiting for the Relay Node → Producer Node. But recently the scripts gets killed and restarted after every 20 mins of sync the chainDB

[ip-172-3:cardano.node.ChainDB:Info:5] [2022-02-07 03:11:43.65 UTC] befor│
e next, messages elided = 51151690                                       │
[ip-172-3:cardano.node.ChainDB:Info:5] [2022-02-07 03:11:43.65 UTC] Pushi│
ng ledger state for block 09210b1d205006e8330a80fecd909826dbef4530b6c7a93│
e36972305fd54cd0d at slot 51161672. Progress: 50.39%                     │
[ip-172-3:cardano.node.ChainDB:Info:5] [2022-02-07 03:11:43.65 UTC] Pushi│
ng ledger state for block 326022717eea4a8384116777d567bbad6305bd714410660│
b21d69971b18f7dd5 at slot 51161692. Progress: 50.39%                     │
[ip-172-3:cardano.node.ChainDB:Info:5] [2022-02-07 03:11:43.80 UTC] Pushi│
ng ledger state for block 0eee48185de519bebc31919e5080c4633b0cc9a67046d08│
8c17a766204001675 at slot 51161697. Progress: 50.40%                     │
./ line 11: 64907 Killed                  card│
ano-node run --topology ${TOPOLOGY} --database-path ${DB_PATH} --socket-p│
ath ${SOCKET_PATH} --host-addr ${HOSTADDR} --port ${PORT} --config ${CONF│
IG} --shelley-kes-key ${KES} --shelley-vrf-key ${VRF} --shelley-operation│
al-certificate ${CERT} 

I am not sure for the reason for it to be killed, can it be anything other than CPU/Memory?

RAM… type free -m

Swap space did not cross 128MB, so I reduced the swap space to 3G,

 free -h                                   │
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available        │
Mem:          7.7Gi       4.8Gi       1.5Gi       0.0Ki       1.3Gi       2.7Gi        │
Swap:         3.0Gi        68Mi       2.9Gi

Alex, would it be possible to copy the contents from the Producer Node to a different server and startup the setup again?

of course… bkp the pool and wallets files and you can do this operations from other nodes/servers… even from your pc if u install VM with ubuntu


$ ls cardano-prod-node/
balance.out                   node.skey
db                            node.vkey
deleg.cert                    params.json
env                           payment.addr
env_bkp1624687140             payment.skey
env_bkp1633103061             payment.vkey
env_bkp1635265422             pool.cert
env_bkp1643217795             pool.dereg
fullUtxo.out                  poolMetaData.json                  poolMetaDataHash.txt
gLiveView.sh_bkp1624687153    stake.addr
gLiveView.sh_bkp1643262599    stake.cert
kes.skey                      stake.skey
kes.vkey                      stake.vkey
ledger-state.json             stakepoolid.txt
mainnet-byron-genesis.json    tx.raw
mainnet-config.json           tx.signed
mainnet-shelley-genesis.json  tx.tmp
mainnet-topology.json         vrf.skey
node.cert                     vrf.vkey

Just to clarify,

correct, but if u also bkp the DB then u don’t have to wait 2-3 days for the node to sync

But why it’s not working on this server?

The System load is more than 2.0 in the box, was unable to use the cardano-cli to make basic calls.
On submitting a transaction, the system peaked and was a socket error and it restarted again.
Transferring was not successful, sync took a while.

So in the box I put all the commands for submitting a transaction into a shell script and ran, after 20 mins I got a response Transaction successfully submitted. but in the wallet the money is not loaded. Does verification take a while?

Thanks @Alexd1985 ,
The transaction went through - the reason for the above was disk space & load, I upgraded the instance to a new server with more compute & RAM - and after 100% sync the transaction went through. Submitted a dereg certificate, to dissolve the stake pool.
Thanks so much for your support on this thread!

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glad u fixed :beers:

Hi @Alexd1985 ,
One final question … the current submission for dereg during current EPOCH (321) is to de-register at Epoch 322. Can I shutdown the node until (Epoch 322 MINUS 2 days), then re-sync again to confirm the de-registration, post then pull out the deposit too?

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Yeah u can shut down the server till then

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