Transfer ada to new wallet

I purchased ADA using the iOS Yoroi wallet. Now I see the message that I need to upgrade to a Shelley wallet. I’m a novice with crypto and can’t seem to figure out the next steps. One article said to create a new Shelley wallet, which I did. But I couldn’t see a way to transfer the ADA from the old wallet. Do I need to create a new wallet on another device, i.e. computer? I also see advice to “recover” the old wallet, but I’m not sure if that applies to me as my old wallet is still there, it just doesn’t seem to be functional. Sorry, I’m just learning much of this terminology and I’m trying to understand what to do so I can buy & sell when I want to.

Go to wallet, restore, shelley and enter phrase words for restore… (u don’t have to delete ur old wallet from application for the moment)


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Ok, I created a Shelley wallet using Restore. But my ADA is still in the old wallet and the new one shows a balance of 0.

Great! The old wallet is byron right?
Now u should move ur ada from byron to shelley.

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