Trasnsfer ada from shelley trezor wallet to shelley standard wallet

Great idea…will do it now
Will let you know if it worked

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Hello @Alexd1985 ,
I understand that the snapshot will be on Mar 3, 2021 19:00 UTC.

You could check it here: Catalyst - Fund3 FAQ – IOHK Support

By the way, excellent support work you do! Thank you for supporting so many in the community. There are many who are grateful to you and that says a lot about you.


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@napoles thank you for let us know!

@LuisPandix - see the dates bellow

  1. Exact date and time for balance snapshot.
    Mar 3, 2021 19:00 UTC
  2. When voting starts and ends?
    Mar 5, 2021 19:00 UTC / Mar 24, 2021 19:00 UTC

PS: thx for kindly words! I have more time with this pandemic situation :blush:


dam i think i missed the screen snap shot i thought it was tmrw also…what if I move my ADA now? I was hoping that the snap shot was of our entire balance in the ADA Daedalus Wallet? Does anyone know?