Trezor Model T - Not Pairing with Daedalus 3.3.0


I have a fresh install of Daedalus on a fresh install of Fedora and I’m not able to pair my HW wallet.

my system:
Fedora 33 Workstation fresh install with UDEV rules for Trezor model T
Trezor T firmware updated to latest version
Trezor website is able to see my wallet – tells me that the wallet is accessible by my linux system
Daedalus 3.3.0#16556 Mainnet fresh install (fully synched)
Was able to restore Shelly wallets using the seed phrases
Not able to Pair my HW wallet Trezor Model T

This particular HW wallet contains ADA and has been paired with a different linux installation of Daedalus 3.2.0 Mainnet.

any ideas?


Please contact iohk support team!

Meantime u can connect ur trezor via yoroi or


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Thanks, can do. I’ll try with yoroi.


turns out I needed to install Trezor Bridge. I didn’t have bridge installed after the fresh OS install and once I installed Trezor Bridge everything worked perfectly. Just thought I’d update this in case someone else encountered the same issue. Cheers.