Pairing my Tezor Model T to and existing Daedalus

Unable to pair my Trezor to Daedalus. I update Trezor and install Trezor bridge and get to “connect your devise” and nothing occurs (the little circle just spins). That is as far as I get.

Is there an existing issue? Daedalus zen team is swamped and has not replied to my ticket from several days ago.

Does this pairing create a new wallet? As in the pairing instructions click on “create a new wallet” to get to “pairing page”

Another question: I am staking to Meld. So once I am able to pair my Trezor with Daedalus will my current stake remain untouched. I do not want to re-stake to Meld.

Just open daedalus - pair - and should work

And yes, u delegated with trezor so your delegation to MELD is not changed til your next action

Hey Alex,

Thank you for your reply. I have not set up my trezor with Daedalus. Having problems with pairing.

I am a bit confused with my Daedalus wallet. So we have the big wallet then within the big wallet we can have sub-wallets. I see this when I attempted to pair with Trezor. “Create Wallet” to get to pairing. So that is when I thought about if I pair my Daedalus with Trezor I would need to move redelegate to the Paired Wallet within my Daedalus. wallet.

That seemed to be confirmed with this email from Zen Desk:

Or so i.have to create a new wallet for the trezor and move ada over?

Yes, you need to create a transaction and you have to delegate from the the start.

So it seems I would need to move my ada over to the new Paired wallet within Daedalus and redelegate to meld all within the big Daedalus.

Let me know your expertise on this.

Much appreciation.


That is true, the trezor is a new/different wallet than daedalus simple wallet which u already have… so yes being a new wallet you will need to delegate the new wallet