Trust Wallet (you do not have enough bnb beacon chain (NNB) to cover netwrik fees fro ada )

I came across the following message:

Your asset balance currently resides on the BNB Beacon Chain, which will soon be phased out and will no longer be supported. To prevent potential asset loss, please migrate to the BNB Smart Chain. Learn more.

I attempted to send BNB Smart chain to my wallet and try to swap it to BNB Beacon chain, but the swap failed.

Additionally, I cannot switch from ADA Beacon Chain to ADA BNB Smart Chain either. It indicates that

You don’t have enough BNB Beacon Chain (BNB) to cover network fees.

Overall, I am unsure of what I should do. Will my assets be lost?


That really is a question for Binance. We do not have much to do with their chains.

There are two Binance chains, the “Binance Beacon Chain” (about to be shut down) and the “Binance Smart Chain”. As far as I am aware, there is no “BNB Smart Beacon” chain.

Hopefully Binance can help you.

You are correct. My apologies for the typo error. Let me rectify it.

I am facing the same issue… trying to swap my ADA from Beacon chain to BNB smart Chain but it always says you dont have enough BNB to cover the fees which is not true… anyone solved this?

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Sounds like a Wallet issue. Have you tried contacting whoever supports the wallet?

The trust wallet is answering with robot (AI).