Trying to open Daedalus Wallet for a week

I have been trying to open Wallet for about a week. And am at syncing blocks 88.26%. It has taken 7 days of almost constantly running wallet to get it to this point. Since my ADA is trapped I am becoming very concerned. Internet speeds are great so not sure what the problem is. Wallet was working fine until around the point where ADA shot up in price and then I could no longer open it.

Please Help if possible


Have you tried VPN ? I used VPN and it worked for me


yeah vpn help a lot with your connection speed

VPN worked for my.

Try a good computer based VPN; not browser based.

Are you on windows or a mac?

I had the same problem but with a mac so I can’t help you out I’m afraid, but I saw plenty of people with windows who found fixes whilst I was investigating

Replying again with a link to a post I made with a process that worked for me. This should work for Win and Mac.

Please let me know your results.