[TXs count issue] Relay node without TXs count showing

Hello community.

We’re currently full functional with our new stake pool, with both BP and relay node synched with the chain. However, we’re facing issues concerning the TX counting:

The first time we have configured the topology ,the TXs counter was working like a charm (but that time we were not running the topologyUpdater every hour. We simply filled the 4 hour verification manually). After 48h running we’ve noticed the number of new TX has fallen to zero. Facing that issue we implemented a scheduler to run the topologyUpdater every single hour, and is working pretty fine.

The real problem: There is no TXs counting, although we have all the peers on the topology file and it’s listing correctly on the peers list (LiveView).

There’s any chance we can debug what’s happening for the TX counter to not move?

Thank you,
Riverpool [RIVER]