UBI (Universal Basic Income) on Cardano

This is probably the absolute best idea I’ve heard of in years!!!

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I hope everyone reads your comments sir!!

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Huge fan of yours here! Love your work!

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The problem is that the three areas you mentioned; have been a stagnant issue for centuries for some populations: slavery for blacks people, Native Americans’ land issue, and others. I will agree with you if they get paid back free labor and all assets stolen from them. Then we can begin talking about the following:

  • freedom in currency
  • freedom in the workplace
  • freedom in markets
    That will be interesting. Once Cardano becomes big, like other government or private institutions, I believe these problems will continue to exist if no UBI is considered now when it is not too late.
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OMG, you are brilliant @jPalms, genius ideas. I hope people are listening.

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I wasn’t so sure about the UBI philosophy a few months back, but Alan Watts has outlined a pretty convincing argument.

Who’s still interested? Who has fresh ideas?

First idea on the top of my head is using staking rewards or other kinds of investment rewards to pay out to citizens/members.


Sorry x3haloed I don’t have any new ideas.

I guess we have to let crypto mature.

Things that destroyed Bitcoin becoming a form of self governance currency is human greed / middlemen, we now see a new establishment rising, that’s why Bitcoin is a “store of value” and not a currency.

The “be your own bank” proposed by Satoshi is now gone for Bitcoin. Maybe Defi is giving more options for that.

Full decentralization is the way back to “real” freedom.

Like I said, lets see crypto mature, maybe something better than UBI could rise from the Cryptoverse.