Un-register pool id but not retire

Hi everyone, I had setup a BP and a relay few weeks ago. The name is monster stake pool and my pool ticker is MSP. All running great until I noticed my pledge was 100 ada instead of 1000 ada. I tried to send another certificate to update the pledge but could never send the transaction. It always failed. I spent hours searching for possible causes. Tried everything suggested. I finally broke down and re-created all the keys. I followed coincashew from “Generating keys for the block producing node” up to and including “configuring topology files”.
Yes I paid another 500 ada. All works great. If you go to pooltool.io and search for ticker MSP you will see 2 Monster stake pool (MSP) items. 1 has a pledge of 100 the other 1000. now I had reviewed the docs on retiring a BP. But it implies the current BP you are running. I am not retiring. I just want to remove the pool id that has 100 ada pledge and hopefully I can get the 500 ada returned.
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance.

Have you still got the keys for the “old” BP? Or did you overwrite them when you created the “new” one?

overwrite. stupid of me not to at least copy someplace else

i do know what the payment address is. what i did originally is use numonic to create the address. this time i used the cli option.

You need the node.vkey (and node.skey) of the old pool to be able to retire it and recover the 500 ada. The mnemonic is needed to get the funds out of the stake.addr wallet that the returned 500 ada goes to.

But I don’t think there is a way to get the 500 ada back without the cold keys.

Hopefully someone else has a bright idea…

well if i have to loose the 500 ada, then ok but can i get rid of it without the cold keys?

No, I don’t think you can do anything to do it without the cold keys. No one should be able to do anything to it without the cold keys, otherwise someone could maliciously modify a pool…

hi, i wanted to take this time to thank you very much.

my tech guy did save the old cold keys onto a usb flash drive. also the link you provided to retire a stake pool [ www.coincashew.com ] is much clearer than the documentation of retireing a stake pool from Retiring a Stake Pool - Stake pool course.

the docs from cardano foundation tdo not illustrate what steps are to be done on blockproder and offline.

thanks again.

next steps: create a wordpress web page were users can upload images to be minted as nft(s).

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Well done.