Unable to find Cardano-node and Cardano-cli

I completed the cabal build but when i run cardano-cli or cardano-node --version
i get Command not Found

node@adahost:~$ find -name cardano-node -type f

i go to either of those directories and run the command but still cant find it.

any ideas?

Check the path, did u updated the bash?

For one, you should build tag 1.27.0, and which directory are you mentioning ? The find command you are using specifically returns regular files and not directories. Plus you should precise a path right after find, e.g. find . -name cardano-cli -type f provided you want to search files from the current directory. Finally when you’ve got a location, you can copy the file somewhere in your $PATH, it could be /usr/local/bin (accessible system wise) or ~/.local/bin (if specified in ~/.bashrc as indicated by @Alexd1985).