Unable to verify address on ledger Nano s

Hello. I followed the guide on this page https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JuuG9UHslggDy_7D0d1i76mOD_9T2E0Jp5jWsEB9ScM/edit#. When I want to check the address on the Ledger, I click on the 2 buttons to check the bypass path first, then to verify the address I right click to see the end of the address on the 2nd screen, and when i want to validate it i click on the 2 buttons of the Ledger. Nothing happens at this point. On Chrome I get a timeout message exceeded and the Ledger turns off. Can’t turn it back on. If I open the Ledger live, it tells me that the device is in bootloader mode. Very difficult to get it restarted, following Ledger’s advice does this problem. I tried the procedure 3 times, 3 times the same problem. thanks for your advices