Unknown asset

Hello I noticed an asset in my yoroi wallet called jamycomejoinaada I have no idea how it got there and I’m a little worried

Why worried? Anyone can send you an asset without your consent, just as in “real live” with your bank account. Some projects do this for marketing. You’ll notice that (small) give away, look up the coin and perhaps you buy more - so they hope.

If you don’t like to see it in your your wallet, you can send it back or to someone else.

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Ok so I can ignore it then

There is just so many scams going on. I don’t what to take any chances

You can ignore it. Your consent is needed for anything that goes out from one of the addresses that your private key controls. Get yourself a HW wallet, if you don’t have one already. Don’t give your 24-words to a piece of software and definitely not to your phone. The attack surface is massive - a HW wallet (e.g. Ledger) protects you from that.

Which HW would you recommend

I have a Ledger X

Check one address on pool.pm

Perhaps it’s a gift from pool operator or another person

I didn’t want to touch it because I was taught that nothing in life is free. But I will check if you guys think it will not do anything bad.

No man, it’s safe … just copy paste one address on pool.pm and u should see more infos about the token

If I look to the name jamycomejoinaada it’s sound like a message from someone

Ok ill try

I checked it on explorer from my transaction history copied the from address and added it in the search of pool.pm. it’s not working for me this is the from address


This is … an invitation; it seems from AADA pool operator… it’s a nice marketing to attract delegators


Wow thanks man, I was lost, so we have ispo spam now.

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