My instance of Deadalus (2.1.0#14079) takes forever to connect; loses connection, never syncs my wallets and locks up my machine (MacAir Catalina). I heard “just give the network a while” but being locked out of my investment is a bit unnerving. Can anyone at IOG address this issue?

  1. Why does Daedalus take so long to connect?
  2. Why does Daedalus lose connection?
  3. Why doesn’t Daedalus sync?
  4. How will performance improve?
  5. When will performance improve or is this the new norm (not being able to access one’s ADA)?

1-3: Mainly because of the overstretched state of the network, but also Daedalus networking functionality needs further optimization.
4: Network will settle (fewer people all syncing at same time), network will scale (more nodes which will probably also be more efficient), Daedalus will improve.
5: It will happen gradually over coming weeks. Meanwhile, you can easily access your ADA via Yoroi or AdaLite.

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@RobJF - Thank you for responding! Much appreciated.

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If I were IOHK, I would post a big message at the top of the screen in Daedalus indicating (some of) the information you provided @RobJF. Users would otherwise just get frustrated. They have the option of messaging in Daedalus, I would use it in this case.

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Daedalus improvements coming tomorrow most likely.

Still waiting five days later… I saw this:

I sure wish I could see my rewards… Deadalus is completely locked. Even after hours it just spins and spins, disconnects…

You probably downloaded 2.2.0 by now. It’s significantly faster. :wink:

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