When cardano will fix slow deadalus loading?

I think as me as many experience slow daadealus loading, when cardano will fix the loading?

Hey TadCryp!

Are you referring to the test net or synchronizing with the whole blockchain on the Byron main net in Daedalus?

Test net and main net also loading slow

Mainnet loads plenty fast for me, but I run it every day, so it has very little catching up to do.

We all know there are issues on testnet but it’s a lot better since the last update. Are you talking about before or after the update?

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I have installed last version is 2.0.1, yes it is hard to load up, sometimes it loads 3 hours and still not load

Have you tried restarting the node? Ctrl-D (Win) then look for the button.

It’s the network, not the individual program.

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can you clarify what about the network causes this…

Same with me. While I could reach Daedalus during the first month every day after waiting for a while, it is not possible any more the last days. If it succeeds to connect than it is out of sync. No chance to redelegate. I think I just wait for the next update.

Daedalus - Unreliable but useable with persistence until the last few days. Now… nothing.
I’m happy with the pool I’m in but it would be nice to check rewards.

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Sorry, no! :grin:

Well I should maybe have been clearer that the problem(s) are in the Cardano network, not the Internet, but that’s about as far as my knowledge extends, I’m afraid.