Why cardano network became so slow?

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I tried to transfer ada from binance it was slow, but now I tried my deadalus wallets inter transaction, I see very slow performance.
It is because of suneaswap network load?

Yep. The network is currently under heavy load and the optimization phase isnt done yet.

Can you estimate how long it will take?

I see the ada price also react to the slow network, it should go up, because btc now near 38K and ada still left bellow 1 euro

Cardano has more capability than ever before albeit more performance issues than ever before as well.
ADA is trading where it was about a year ago mostly due to fallout of whales dumping at the top of the hype back in September. Those only in it for a quick flip have already exited. The next 2-3 years will be interesting but not due to prices …

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so heavy load on network hmmm can that also effect the sync of the wallet/,network connection lost like having this for 2weeks now🤔

price will react even more. after 2-3 years, I hope ada price will be detached from btc price movements

A great way to see the current load is on pool.pm. It shows the 5-minutes, 1-hour, and 24-hour load: (in terms of filled blocks)

Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 11.07.58

While wait times can go up, it’s worth mentioning that Cardano is built to run on full 100%. This does not affect the stability or security of the network.

Somewhat related: I have not found a great tool for viewing TPS and other network metrics in real-time … does anyone know something better than messari? (which is historical blockchain data only and not specifically for Cardano)

What is the load should be, that the ada transaction move as fast as in a past?

I’ve been waiting 10 hours for Daedalus to come up and it’s only at 94.26%. Probably will take another 6 hours and I have a very light transaction history. Slow is a massive understatement.

Hi @JoelLefko Daedalus being slow to start is because it is a full node wallet, it’s not related to your transactions. It downloads the whole blockchain to your computer.

Use some of the light wallets like Adalite, Yoroi, etc… and use a hardware device (Ledger, Tresor) with best practices if you want more security and cannot afford to lose the ADA due to hacking.

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for me too when I not open deadalus for 2 weeks need alot to wait. They says 16gb of ram as requiremenets, but will it speed up? I have 8 gb

@TadCryp That is because it needs to sync with the chain. As the network traffic becomes higher the sync times will increase. Maybe Daedalus is not the right choice for you as that is how it works. See the other options from my last message.

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I have 16 GB. Update I’m nearing 24 hours and currently at 99.19% synched.

I understand that as of course I am a Deadalus user. In the past it has come up reasonably fast, a few to several minutes plus. It ended up taking right around 24 hours. You can spin it however you want but that’s completely unacceptable. It’s clearly a result of the Sundae Swap mess. Hopefully they can get a scaling solution in place fast. I did send some ADA out and it was delayed a bit but nothing major. Maybe and extra 10 minutes.

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Keep in mind Daedalous is a full node, so you are not downloading YOUR transactions history but the WHOLE blockchain. Bitcoin’s blockchain is? 300GB? Ethereum’s +1TB, etc…