Updating to( 0.12.1#!

Hey fellow ada hodlers,updating my wallet now i am in the last step i think??my wallet says wallet restoration in progress 0%(1week 1 day 13hrs 16sec) will it realy take that time??.
Must i keep the wallet runnning all the time??
I can see that i can recieve coins during this process but i can not send .is it safe to send coins to my wallet today or tomorrow i want to buy more ada or i must wait a week or so??started today so next week sun/monday its updated why such a long time???
Ada lover.

The time by which you send your coins to your wallet should not matter.
Please wait for at least another forum member to confirm :slight_smile:


That’s right, sending to that wallet is as safe as at any other time.

Also, the time to completion is highly overestimated in the early stages, it’s quite a long process, might have to run overnight, but that should be it.


Both guys thanks for reply,
Robjf you always are here many times and help people out.you are a real cardashian keep up with your great work on the forum together whe keep the spirit of ada and the dev.team alive cardano in the limelights eth in the dark. Cheerrs have great weekend enjoy.


Hi there, I had similar issue. My wallet says restoration in progress and shows 6%. However I was running it for more than 2 hours and there is no progress. Any help would be appreciated.

The 1.3->1.4 update does take a long time. As long as it’s progressing, however slowly, there’s no need to worry.