Upgrading to cardano-node 1.17.0 and connecting to Mainnet Candidate 3 (MC3)

It has been a busy week for stake pool operators. A lot of changes with cardano-node releases and mainnet candidate networks… My advice is to get on the MC3 and wait for the snapshot funds there. Here is a video on how to upgrade to cardano-node 1.17.0 and connect a relay to MC3:

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I probably missed something but how do you use this snapshot ?

For instance, if I want to send ADA from my “snapshoted” wallet, which is on Yoroï, to my stakepool address, how would I do that ?


Excellent video! This guy moves fast, but he is on the tip! Nice work, look forward to more videos.

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The only way I currently know of is to send the funds from your snapshot wallet to the address you create via the cardano-cli (to the wallet you create with CNTools).

I understand, but how do you access to your wallet which has the fund in the first place ?

Oh, you downloaded the Daedalus Testnet Wallet (1.5.1) and restore your snapshotted wallet there using your safe words. Then you have to make the Bryon-to-Shelley transaction which is giving me problems at the moment but people have been successful at it.

MC3 Wallet:


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Perfect! I’ll have a look, thank you very much.

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