Veritree tokens redemption


Have tried to reedem my veritree tokens and once I choose the asset I want to redeem put the amount and the adress the green continue button remains inactive. Have restored the wallet and the problem persists. Can you help with this?

Thank you!

I think thats a problem with Yoroi.

Id recommand you using eternl (if you want to use it on a mobile device) or Typhon if you are using a computer and then restore the wallet there and try it again.

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Maybe, you do not have 100 ADA in the account?

The screenshot looks like you want to send 115 Veritree plus 100 ADA to the redemption address.

You probably want to reduce both.

Thank you! Have never used it, but will give it a try

Hi, thank you, but I think it is not the case. The amount is 100 veritree tokens out of the 115 I have. There is also sufficient ADA available in the wallet.

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It is an issue with yoroi; native tokens can’t be sent out from the wallet… I reported this issue to the team… use browser version or


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Just installed mobile Yoroi again to test it. I think, you are right.

But then I do not understand their interface at all. You have to send ADA with every token and you should be able to choose how many of them somewhere. Seems totally broken.

And yes, suggestion to just use another wallet app seems very sound.

Thank you very much Alex! All clear, just the feature doesn’t work at the moment

Thank you HeptaSean, yes seems so! Will have to learn something new

Big Eternl fan, here.

Their interface might be a bit overwhelming at first, but you have a lot of control.

For example the choice of what to send looks like this (if you choose to add tokens):

So, for each token that you choose to send (and that is not an NFT), you can choose the amount, but you can also choose the exact ADA amount on the same screen.

I will take a look at this app. Can I restore the same Yoroi wallet on the eternal app ot have to create a new one? The point is that if I have to create a new one I won’t be able to send the veritree tokens anyhow. They will remain blocked in the yoroi wallet until the feature starts working

You can always restore/import any wallet in any wallet app. No need to create a new one.

The wallet apps are just interfaces to the blockchain. It’s a bit like putting in your credentials to this forum, Twitter, or Facebook in different browsers. They also don’t care if you use Chrome, Firefox, and Brave at different times to access your accounts.

(Details: Multiple accounts only work with Eternl, Typhon etc., but not with Daedalus and Yoroi. And Nami only plays nicely with Eternl and Typhon if put in single-address mode.)