Very old version of Daedalus app (1.0.3619) stuck on 'Connecting to network' issue

Hi guys,

I haven’t use the Daedalus application for a while. Today I’ve opened it on my Mac and I cannot really join. ‘Connecting to Network…’ message is displayed already for 3 hours
The version of Daedalus is '1.0.3619
Macos: Catalina 10.15.7

Im pretty sure its not working anymore with that old and legacy version.

Download the newest version of Daedalus Mainnet and try it again. (make sure you have your seed)


Hey Fabian,

Thank you for your answer. is it possible somehow to grab my account/code for recovery from Daedalus files on Mac? Because I used my Cardano account only on that Mac and I cannot find the recovery words


I guess it’s something here, but how to extract it?

Uff to be fair i’m not sure if it’s possible with such an old version.

You’d better open a ticket here and ask there for help.


How have you fared with this issue @Bobosik? I too have this old Daedalus app, and I’m on Macos 10.15.2 and I’m currently exploring my options. Thanks!