Voise inc looking for a scalable blockchain

Looking to connect with cardano devs to discuss the the needs of the voise platform, and if cardano is the scalable blockchain for voise inc.

Voise is a music distribution, streaming, and IP(Intellectual Property) management platform.

Our needs are:

-Low cost transactions
-smart contracts, specifically the ability to model mechanical and royalty payments into a smart contract.
-ability to model licensing structure into smart contract
-scalibility, and static tx fee structures.

Voise attempted this project on etherium but the scalability issues and expensive tx fees coupled with some hacks that destroyed the token, voise stepped back to asses better blockchain options. Cardano seems to fit the bill.

There is potential here for a solid case use for the cordano team.

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Hello @Andre_Ledoux , welcome to the Cardano forum, we are very happy to have you with us. I have read with interest about the project you are presenting … I think it might be better if you present it in the Cardano Projects category. You can find it by clicking here #english:developers

In Developers / Cardano Projects is where you can talk about project ideas, find people to collaborate or simple introduce your project.