Wallet restauration (daedalus ) takes 2 weeks 3 d 3 h and so on after one hour of restoring?

so , i had to download and sync the complete wallet. after typing in my backup phrase, it said it will take that long to restore the wallet. after one hour of restoring it, it is still on that weeklong level, sometimes more, sometimes less weeks and days.
i have an old macbook pro (2012) with newest os.
would like to use daedalus as a wallet. don’t like yoroi because of google.

Yoroi now works with Firefox and Brave.

But if you want to stick with Daedalus, you need patience. It looks like this is the first update you’ve done in a while, so the database needs to be migrated to a different format. In this case what you’re seeing is normal. In the early stages the estimate does tend to be very long but in reality it will happen much sooner. IIRC it was somewhere around 30 hours on my 2010 laptop, but many people have reported just a few hours. Hang in there!

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Yoroi now works with Firefox and Brave

cool. will check that out. thanks!
had that experience with couple of days of restoring already. just wanted to check if there is a way to speed it up.

As long it’s not stuck I’d just let it run. If it stops altogether, no change in any of the numbers for a while, either come back here or, better, go to Telegram group @CardanoCommunityTechSupport for help.

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Thanx again. have been patient, and look there, it took ‘just’ 22 hours. works fine.