Wallet restoration after installing latest upgrade

when the Daedalus app used a .bat file, i had the app and %APPDATA% link to my usb ssd. worked fine.

now i update to latest app, and when using the %APPDATA% link, the cardano-launcher.exe complains it can’t find the %APPDATA%\Daedalus dir.

i remove %APPDATA% link, reinstall Daedalus and it finally sync’s, but not to my usb SSD.

is all i have to do is “restore” using my 12 words and my cardano’s will be there. it took hours to sync the first time, so to restore is going to take hours again as i see in other “restore” threads?

i emailed tech support for this, but didn’t receive a reply.

all i wanted to know is, when we install the latest updrade, for us to get our “accnt” all we do is the “restore wallet from backup” option?

what’s confusing to my brain is the “…from backup”. what backup?

If you didn’t make a backup you can’t restore from backup! In that case you’d restore using the 12 word seed phrase. It takes a long time.

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!! thank you !! that was what was confusing me with the “Restore” link on the app front page “Add Wallet”.

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