I thought that the 27 recovery words was for the recovery of the Daedalus wallet. My first Daedalus wallet wasn’t opening up it would stay at 98.99 and I had my original coins in that wallet…I deleted my wallet and downloaded the new wallet, with the 27 recovery words, which I have now and is doing fine, but I never got my original coins back…What should I do to recover those coins?..Thank you…


It looks like you have two wallets, one of them a paper one (27 words). To get access to the original wallet you need the 12 word phrase you got when creating it. You really should start a new topic where your problem cannot be confused with others and give us all of the information you can.


Thank you carlos for your time…I have made only one wallet, with the 27 recovery words…I don’t remember printing out 12 words…I was so careful :-(…I guess, I did something wrong…

If anything happens to the new wallet that I have now, I would be able to recover it with my27 recovery words that I have now? Is that correct?


Well that’s what they’re for… :grinning:


Thank you, Carlos…Happy prosperous New Years!!


    December 27

alt Siglad:
If anything happens to the new wallet that I have now, I would be able to recover it with my27 recovery words that I have now?

Well that’s what they’re for… :grinning:


You have to transfer your coins into the paper wallet for it to work. So these word phrases 27 and 12 words are not a substitute for each other. You need the 12 words to recover the Daedalus wallet where you have your coins unless you transfer them to the paper wallet (cold storage) where you will need the 27 words to recover the coins. I hope I am not confusing you. Thank you and Happy New Year.


So to answer the question, if you created a new Daedalus wallet then you will need the 12 new words given to you when you created the new wallet to recover it if you ever need to. Feel free to ask anymore questions. I will be more than glad to answer to the best of ability and knowledge. Have a wonderful day!


Yes, that is confusing …I dont have 12 words and thats scares me with this new wallet…If anything happens to this new wallet, I’m going to loose all my coins again…Should I transfer my coins back to Binance and redo my wallet? Then I’m sure I have all the recovery phrases…Im sorry, I just want to make sure Im doing it right,


I think that is a good idea because if anything happens to your computer you will loose everything. An idea is when you get your 12 words take a picture, print it and safe keep it. Then destroy or delete the picture.


OMG!!!I found the 12 seeds!!!
What should I do now?!!


Do I complete delete all my Daudalus wallet and reinstall it again and restored with my 12 phrases instead the 27 phrases?


Do you have any coins in your present wallet?


Carlos, I do have coins in the wallet.


I would think that if eventually you want to bring together both wallets then you would need to have both wallets available to transfer the coins from wallet to another. Unless you want both wallets. I might be wrong but I don’t think it is possible to have two different Daedalus wallets in one computer.


I take it back. You can restore your old wallet in the Daedalus wallet you have in your computer by clicking on add wallet


Let me get this straight…1. I transfer my coins back to the exchange…2. I wont need to delete my Daedalus wallet, I would use the one I have… 3. Click on add wallet…Then I would use my 12 phrases to restore my all wallet? Do I have that right?Emoji


No reason to transfer coins, on points 2 and 3 you are correct.


Correct and as Rob said no reason to transfer coins. I was playing with it. This wallet is awesome!


You can transfer between wallets once new wallet is set up. Stay away of exchanges as much as possible.


I made a video for Windows users showing 2 workarounds. The first part of the video shows restoring the wallet with 12 words. The second part if for stuck 1.4 wallets where renaming a folder might fix the problem.