Wallets vs Delegating fees

**Which option is cheaper if i want to delegate

100,000 ADA in 1 wallet delegate to stake pool (A)
100,000 ADA in 2 wallets(50,000 each) delegate to same stake pool (A)
100,000 ADA in 2 wallets(50,000 each) delegate to 2 stake pools (A) & (B)

Thanks in advance for all the replies

The 1st option. You only need to have 1x transaction fee. Do choose a good stake pool. Have a nice weekend @Fadi_Abdulsalam


Option 3 can give u more rewards if u are lucky and delegate with a pool which will have more than 100% luck

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ADALite.io supports multiple accounts per private key, which you can delegate individually. This isn’t supported by Daedalus (just yet) - see #2397

In any case, please consider using a hardware wallet (e.g. Ledger) if you don’t already. This forum is full of folks having lost their funds for one reason or the other. None of those that I’ve seen would have had this happened to them if they used a HW wallet. In short, every time you enter your 24 words into a piece of software should hold on a sec and ask your self, if you really want to do that. With a HW, you private key is secured in a special hardware chip and it is guaranteed that it never leaves the device.

For each account that you delegate, you’ll have to pay 2 ADA deposit (on top of 0.17 ADA fees). You can get this deposit back when you stop delegation that account. For re-delegation to another pool, you don’t have to pay the deposit again. De-registering your stake address (i.e. to get the deposit back) can be done in Yoroi.

When you use ADALite.io, be careful - they don’t have an option to find a good stake pool. Instead, they default to using their own. The top rich pools are all ADALite already

In case you also consider delegation to a smaller pool, with a charitable purpose for example take your time and shop around a little. Then copy the Pool ID and paste that to ADALite. Delegation with Daedalus is slightly simpler. They also rank the pools, but that ranking is erm … lets say “not so good”. They also do not allow delegation to multiple pools for the same wallet (see above)

All the Best

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@Fadi_Abdulsalam for your information …

PS: This was still cooking when I wrote the above

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