We have to continue to endure

Those of us who didn’t sell have no option but to endure the ADA price.Get some big clients on board in 20/21 and generate some income FFS.

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Persevere To Endure

From Google:
Well, endeavor is defined as to exert oneself to do or effect something; make an effort; strive. And persevere “to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement.”Jul 4, 2019

A dear friend of mine lived his life on the principles of how to Persevere To Endure, I humbly learned as much as I could while in his presence, fighting through what was serious and what was not throughout our time together I learned that individual’s will look at every situation with a perspective all their own - a perspective new to the world - a perspective that comes from different experiences that are unique, experiences that all have a lesson behind them that others can benefit from - and this can be applied in our ecosystem - every one of us look at Cardano with different eye’s and different history that brings with it a different perspective of where we stand and where we are going together.
We have all that we need, we have a strong developer community we have a strong foundation a strong protocol rooted in the science of everything our society is built on, we have a company dedicated to our success and most important we have each other - a strong community dedicated to ensure that all of the above does not fail, dedicated to further our collective perspective to ensure that the idea Cardano moves forward and makes a change in the world with a decentralized protocol that only just became possible just 10 years ago with the release of bitcoin.


I am one of those. I held ADA when it was $1.29 on Bittrex. I didn’t sell because for me, it was a long term investment. Some might argue that I should have sold and then repurchase. Hindsight is 20/20. I always knew Cardano was a long term project so it doesn’t bother me to have kept holding since. I’m a “ride or die” holder with Cardano.

  • There are always different viewpoints to the same situation. To you the current price is negative since you are down on your investment. For me or someone else it is perfect because we can buy ADA at very cheap levels.

  • Another lesson is that money doesn´t come fast…if it does it also vanishes very quickly…thats at least what I have learned from my crypto experience…just look at all the pumps…How many were followed by severe dumps? Long term gains which are lower but more steady are much more attractive to me. I simply don´t have the technical skill to recognize every significant top or bottom and act on it.

  • From a technical perspective I find this consolidation at around 400-500 sats very positive for the long-term value of ADA. We had a bottom at 393 sats and since then only lower lows which tested previous resistance. A real bottom rarely occurs in a V shape, if it pumps hard after a new low its not the bottom^^ it is much more common to see a W shape or a longer consolidation at those prices if it is a real bottom. Just my personal view no financial advise.

  • Also hype machines like Disney trademark infringer Tron are just hot air balloons and a single small hole can pop those bubbles. Sure they have marketing, attention and funds but these change very quickly in crypto. Just look at Alts like Neo and all the other plattforms which were the hype 2-3 years ago…how many are still in the top20? It is much more valuable to have a sustainable and strong community and people building on cardano and using it… This is what will drive the price up and more and more companies to join the ecosystem…usage will drive the price not some marketing type cooperation with big companies imho

Go :ada:

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Well,Mike,your relaxed view,is probably dependent on the size of your investment? If you are in deep u may not feel the same,but yes,l agree,there is nothing we can do now except ride or die

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Don’t get me wrong. I love making money not losing it. I don’t have money to waste. I want a decent ROI. I don’t want to coward out too early and lock in my losses. Lol!! I think it will be fine. Cardano will survive this price downturn. It’s a solid and well grounded project.